Three Imaginary Boys

The Cure
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10:15 Saturday Night    
Grinding Halt    
Another Day    
Subway Song    
Foxy Lady    
So What    
Fire in Cairo    
It's Not You    
Three Imaginary Boys    
The Weedy Burton    
I Want to Be Old (studio demo)    
I'm Cold (studio demo)    
Heroin Face (live)    
I Just Need Myself (studio demo)    
10:15 Saturday Night (home demo)    
The Cocktail Party (home demo)    
Grinding Halt (home demo)    
Boys Don't Cry (studio demo)    
It's Not You (studio demo)    
10:15 Saturday Night (studio demo)    
Fire in Cairo (studio demo)    
Winter (studio out-take)    
Faded Smiles aka I Don't Know (studio out-take)    
Play With Me (studio out-take)    
World War    
Boys Don't Cry    
Jumping Someone Else's Train    
Subway Song (live)    
Accuracy (live)    
10:15 Saturday Night (live)    

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