Sublime: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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Trenchtown Rock    
Doin' Time (original mix)    
Wrong Way Lyrics Buy
Paddle Out    
What I Got    
Pawn Shop    
April 29th, 1992 (Miami)    
Santeria Lyrics Buy
Caress Me Down Lyrics Buy
The Ballad of Johnny Butt    
Under My Voodoo    
Same in the End    
Get Ready    
What I Got (reprise)    
Garden Grove    
I Love My Dog    
Superstar Punani    
April 29, 1992 (Miami) (alternate version)    
Saw Red (acoustic)    
Little District (acoustic)    
Zimbabwe (acoustic)    
What I Got (alternate version)    
Doin' Time (Uptown dub)    
Doin' Time (Eerie Splendor remix) (feat. Mad Lion)    
Doin' Time (Wyclef Jean remix)    
Doin' Time (Marshall Arts remix) (feat. The Pharcyde)    
Doin' Time (Marshall Arts instrumental version)    
April 29, 1992 (Miami) (instrumental version) Lyrics Buy
Caress Me Down (instrumental version)    
What I Got (instrumental version)    

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