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America: Imagine the World Without Her PG-13

  • Release Date: July 2, 2014
  • Genres: Documentary
  • Cast: Dinesh D'Souza, John Sullivan, Gerald R. Molen
  • Directors: John Sullivan, Dinesh D'Souza
  • Official Site: http://www.americathemovie.com/
  • Distributor: Lionsgate Films
  • Someone once observed: "America is great because she is good; if she ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great." Today that notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack, replaced by another story in which theft and plunder are seen as the defining features of American history - from the theft of Native American and Mexican lands and the exploitation of African labor to a contemporary foreign policy said to be based on stealing oil and a capitalist system that robs people of their "fair share".
_America: Imagine the World Without Her

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