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Do you know what this Saturday is?

by Randy Allen

If you're a deer hunter, and you're looking for bonus tags, this Saturday, Aug. 17th, at 10:00AM all available anterless deer permits go on-sale at 10:00AM. 

You are limited to one tag per person per day until the unit is sold out!

Here are a few of my tips.

Arrive early at the location you want to purchase your tags. Last year is arrived at 8:30AM and there were about 75 people in front of me.

Buy your deer hunting license ahead of time.  People behind you don't want to wait in line for you to get yourr.

Know the management unit you're applying for!  

Have your license out and the exact change, $12.00 to make the process easy for everyone.

Good luck and let's all be safe in the woods!