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VIDEO: VANCE JOY, what he's REALLY like (in 5 words)

by Cassandra Basore

VANCE JOY, what hes actually like (in 5 words)


Have to mention how captivatingly handsome VANCE JOY was to meet in person. With an Aussie accent, curly hair, and dark brown eyes, it was hard not to stare at his striking appearance. With only a white T-shirt and jeans on, VANCE JOY definitely had the look to stop any talent agency even without his musical abilities.


Yes another physical quality, but standing over 65 is worth mentioning in anyones attributes. VANCE JOY mentioned that his tall stature once got him first-year MVP in an Australian Football league, which VANCE gave up to become a serious musician. And we are sure glad he did too.


Between modest smiles, VANCE JOY talked to us about his local fame in Australia and how he was just excited to be doing what he does for a living. It was sweet and modest all at the same time. Awww.


VANCE JOY did possess a freshman-like quality. Being only 26 and playing at Lollapalooza is a big accomplishment. Vance wore the newness to the scene as a badge of honor.


For me its always worth noting an ALT artist that looks clean. Im not talking about drugs; Im talking about actually looking showered with freshly cleaned clothes. VANCE JOY had all of the above and then some because he smelled nice too.