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VIDEO: PORTUGAL. THE MAN, what they're REALLY like (in 5 words)

by Cassandra Basore

PORTUGAL. THE MAN, what they're actually like (in 5 words)


It is the duo from Wasilla, Alaska that take the cake for "most eccentric" of the weekend. Both John Gourley and Zach Carothers from PORTUGAL had the oddest air about them when they took the time to speak with us at Lollapalooza. Zach did most of the talking while John sat next to him lightly chiming in about their musical influences. Not sure if it was the giant perma-smile on Zach's face or the Jim Morrison dead-stare that Zach donned, but both wildly talented artists had odd character.


These two boys definitely like making a name for themselves in a crowd. It was evident by the way they spoke loudly and also by the way they dressed. Although John was understated in a denim button-up, Zach had on an all-white track suit that reminded me of the old FILA commercials in the early 90's. You couldn't help but look at it and sort of stare.


Being non-relatable isn't always a bad thing and it most certainly works in the favor of PORTUGAL. THE MAN. Both John and Zach seemed to be from another time, place, or even dimension that was hard to relate to when they spoke with us and I get the feeling other media have had similar reactions to their personality dynamics.


You can always tell a party boy and John and Zach from PORTUGAL. THE MAN both seemed to be the type to never miss a chance to partake. And why would they?!


I'd say the best word to describe PORTUGAL. THE MAN would be: intriguing. John and Zach possess a quality that would keep anyone wanting more and that has to be a contributing factor to their rock star success.