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VIDEO: MEG MYERS, what she's REALLY like (in 5 words)

by Cassandra Basore

MEG MYERS, what shes actually like (in 5 words)


Its always relieving to meet rock stars that arent quite yet jaded by their status. MEG MYERS gets a reputation for being an angry female singer, however shes everything but. Even though touring the country, Meg has a relatable quality that carries through all of her interviews with media outlet across the world.


Even though a there is a quality of normalcy Meg possesses, it is also clear that there is something very artistic and deep about the singer. It becomes more evident when she picks up the guitar, but Meg has the air of creativity about her.


If you arent on your game when you talk to Meg she will definitely fill the silence with a sarcastic comment to lighten the mood. She seems to be one of those people that can lighten a mood with cynicism even though the two seem to not go together.


MEG MYERS came through the media bullpen at Lollapalooza for two consecutive days. A rarity among artists that usually only put in the minimum time with the media, Meg used the opportunity to get coverage for herself as a rising alternative star.


Meg may seem larger than life on stage or when she belts out a song, but her actual stature is very tiny in comparison. Shes a beautiful girl with a tiny frame which makes her guitar playing and center stage presence even more engaging.