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VIDEO: HOZIER, what he's REALLY like (in 5 words)

by Cassandra Basore

HOZIER, what he's actually like (in 5 words)


Andrew Hozier was quite soft-spoken and very "gentle" upon first greetings and during his interview. He seemed bashful in a way that wouldn't have let on in the slightest that he is a rising star currently on his way to chart-topper status.


Because I'm 5'3 I tend to consider everyone tall, but Hozier had to have been at least 6'5 which is tall by anyone's standards. Hozier's long lean frame is worth noting because his stature adds to his already stoic persona.


During his interview, Hozier mentioned a lot of his songs were love stories. In talking about love, he said music was the best way to express that connection you feel when someone has your whole life in their hands. Awww, how romantic.


When we asked Hozier how he was taking in his newly acquired fame, Hozier seemed to be a bit speechless on the subject. In meeting a fair share of rock artists, it's easy to tell the ones that are new to the scene versus the ones who've been around and understand their rock star status. Hozier is still in the fleeting stages of rock star innocence and the quality is sweetly enduring.


Lastly, it's important to mention when an artist can express his genius not just by his music but also through regular conversation. Hozier is one of those artists. Beyond the fanfare of being a musician, Hozier is a deeply connected artist with an intelligence that shines through his reserved demeanor by his use of descriptive language. In his interview with us, Hozier used spoke in metaphors and described situations like he was describing an art exhibit. Impressive.