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VIDEO: FITZ & THE TANTRUMS, what they're REALLY like (in 5 words)

by Cassandra Basore

FITZ & THE TANTRUMS, what they're actually like (in 5 words)


When bands enter the media bullpen they usually stick to their record rep's side, shuffle through their interviews, and then quickly leave to go do rock star stuff. Not the case with Michael Fitzpatrick "Fitz" and Noelle Scaggs from FITZ & THE TANTRUMS. These two were not only hanging out with the media a day before their performance, but they also chilled with us throughout the next day to make sure every last person got their questions answered. Hats off to these two for their rock star diligence.


During our interview with Fitz & Noelle, they both had a lively quality that carried throughout their conversation with us. Laughter paired with every story they told about life on the road as FITZ & THE TANTRUMS.


Both Fitz & Noelle agreed that some things are just better with alcohol such as singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the Chicago Cubs game. Noelle mentioned she couldn't really remember the 7th inning stretch melody which had only happened 2 days prior. FITZ & THE TANTRUMS can definitely party with the best and then some.


When walking among rock stars or even the roadies, little-to-no eye contact is usually made or reciprocated due to their general attitude of indifference. But FITZ & THE TANTRUMS, whenever the pair walked by they made sure to say "Hello" with a smile. They were the social king & queen of the weekend.


There comes a time when even the heaviest party-animals need a rest. However, FITZ & THE TANTRUMS were living it up each night they were in Chicago from dawn to dawn. Not sure where they had time for sleep and showers but they both seemed energized even as the Sunday festival goers began to look a bit rundown.