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Scientists get into the "Facebook Personality" game

by Lunchbox

Researchers at The University of Pennsylvania have had their research on personality traits infused with a computer's Artificial Intelligence to produce one of those "Facebook Profile" generators.

But this time, instead of telling you "Which Twilight Character You Are" or "Which 80s Board Game Is You" this project will give you actual insights to your personality. Or at least the personality you use on Social Networking.

The company is Five Labs in San Francisco, here's what they say about the project:

"Five Labs examines the linguistic content of Facebook wall posts, pulling key words to make strikingly accurate estimates about individual personalities.

The method is based on a study published by H. Andrew Schwartz and colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania's World Well-Being Project. An advisor to Five, Mr. Schwartzs research on language and personality was featured in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) in September 2013.

The applications predictions are based around the Big Five personality traits: the leading personality theory in modern psychology. According to the theory, personality is based on the following five characteristics: extraversion, openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness."

One of the nice features, is you can go through your friends list with the program as well, so you can see if your perception of your friends' posts are backed up by science. Hint: They probably will be. If you're prepared to see YOUR results, you can click here: