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Running Back Prayers Answered

by Nick Vitrano

I don’t know who this kid is, but find him.  Find him, find a pen and paper, and get this kid to sign something…anything…I don’t care if it’s a napkin from the cooler next to the Capri Sun and windmill cookies.  Just get his name and signature on something that says Wauwatosa East High School Red Raiders or St. Norbert College Green Knights or Wisconsin Badgers or Green Bay Packers.  Can this kid even sign his name yet?

Of course it’s only one play, and of course it doesn’t work that way…and of course somebody in the SEC has likely already put this kid on the payroll - HEY OOO! - but maybe there’s still an open window here for my team.

What a great run by this kid.  Eat turf #11!  Though it never should have counted.  What the heck was #14 thinking at the 10?  And how did the zebras miss that?