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35 Dick Vitale Impressions

by Nick Vitrano

Did you know that this week marks the start of Dick Vitale’s 35th year at ESPN?  OK, I ask that kind of facetiously, as if you’ve been watching ESPN, you’ve undoubtedly been made aware.  We all have been made aware.  A lot. 

Anyway, the folks over at the Worldwide Leader compiled a video of 35 personalities from the network, shouting out to and offering up their best Vitale impressions for the living legend of broadcasting.  Regardless of your feelings on the guy, in our just-add-water, instant gratification society, the hook is quick in the world of entertainment, and this dude has managed to carve out an incredible career that has spanned now the greater part of three decades.  He's well past the point of "doing something right," and few - at ESPN or anywhere - have a story about Vitale that isn't complimentary.  About the worst thing you'll hear someone say of Vitale is that he's a "homer" or a Duke apologist.  Oooooo....that's nasty stuff there.  

Congratulations, Dick…and well done ESPN: