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Tremendous Target Field

by Cade

I always relish a trip to Target Field in Minneapolis to see a Twins game.  I have not been to a game there in almost three years.

What hits you first as you walk in the gate is the smell of the ballpark.  The aroma of hot dogs, fried foods and fresh cut grass fill the air.  It's exactly the way you would expect a big time ballpark to smell.

Ever since I planned this trip a few months ago, I've had a salacious hankering for, a Tony O's Cuban Sandwich.  YUMMY!  I grabbed one of those and a tall draft of Summit IPA before finding a place to sit for the ball game.

The cool thing about Target Field is that you can see the game from pretty much anywhere in the stadium.  It's not like the the Dome days, where you'd be lucky to see anything on the field as you walked by the isle entrances.  Target Field is wide open and has the atmosphere of a state fair.  It's fun to walk around and explore the stadium, rather than sit in the same seat for the entire game.  I spent most of my time stuffing my face on the railings along the base lines.  My other favorite part of the park is the third floor bar behind home plate, 2 Gingers.  I imagine it's not too common to be able to have a seat behind home plate at an MLB game for free.  The view is incredible.  You can draw an imaginary line from the back of home plate, to the middle of your nose.  That spot is dead center.  In fact, you can see the movement of the ball as the pitcher fires it over the plate.  Late breaking inside slider on the thighs of the batter...you can see it all from up there.

I was able to catch a pair of games while I was there.  Sadly, my team lost both days.  But, a day at the ballpark is better than a day doing just about anything else.