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Have we gone soft?

by Jason Miller

As a kid you are trying to find your way in life and what your parents do as far as getting you involved with sports or other activities is crucial to how you end up in life.  Sports was a huge factor in my life and I now get to cover sports for a living.  My family in general were all involved in some sort of sport and they are all doing well as adults.  Am I saying that if you are not involved in anything you can't be successful?  Stop it, that's not what I'm saying at all.  What I am saying is that sports helps.  Sport helps you find yourself and when there is success in the sport you are playing whether it's in practice or game, there is a sense of accomplishment that you can't find anywhere else.  So, what's my point?

Florida coach suspended for slapping QB helmet on national TV in potential media-led overreaction. This is what I am talking about.  Coach Mark Guandolo from  Weston (Fl.) Cypress Bay High is being looked into for this?  People we have gone off that proverbial edge we talk about.  Cameras caught a coach slapping a player in the helmet and that is causing this kind of crazy stir in the football and out of football world?  Do you see what kind of hitting goes on, on the field and we are worried about a coach slapping a kid in the helmet.  Don't come to my oldest son's Pop Warner football practice then.  Don't go to a local high school football game and for sure stop going to College and Pro games.  Because if it's not the coach it's a fellow player giving each other slaps on the helmet.  This is football and it's a game of emotion and as a coach you do what you can to get that emotion going. 

Of course the best part of this story is the end when the reporter briefly mentions, oh by the way the camera fades to something else before it can show the coach hugging the kid.  COME ON!  We have wars and government policies that don't get this kind of coverage.  

We have gone soft, period end of story and by the way if my kid's coach slaps him in the helmet because he screws up....trust me it won't make the news but if it becomes a pattern, Dad will intervene and give my Son a talking to at home.  Lets start parenting our kids, instead of coming down on a coach who is trying to do anything he can to get them to be better kids.  Just my humble opinion, disagree let me know.  

Here's the video: