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The Aaron Rodgers Burger is real and it's spectacular!

by Jon Henseler

Eat your heart out Gilbert Brown! Literally. For those keeping track at home the 'Aaron Rodgers Burger' consists of pickles, jalapenos, avocado, onion rings, mayo, ranch, AND peanut butter! Served with a side of whole milk* and two Lipitor pills. I guess today is the last day you can get it at Curly's Pub at Lambeau with some proceeds going to the MACC Fund. And apparently they've been doing this all month? There's been a Randall Cobb burger with corn (Liz Lemon's favorite), a Mike McCarthy 'Mac Attack' burger with pepperoni and the list goes on. Like how did I not know about this? This is right in my blogging wheelhouse! Packer football and early onset heart disease. Swing and a miss for Strange Brew. Should have been up at Curly's every week when they debuted a new burger making Vine videos (you can make those with a Nokia right?). Ah well. Still time to make the trek and take down this bad boy. Because make no mistake about it, peanut butter on burgers or pizza is flat out AWESOME. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. I remember I stumbled upon that concoction in college when I dipped a Topper Stick in some Skippy. People started puking around me like the Exorcist but it was worth it. You won't feel good about yourself when you eat it but I haven't felt good about myself since 1995 so what's there to lose you know? Now the only choice to make is which toe I'll have to amputate in 5 years.....

*Went on a road trip to South Carolina a few years back and had to laugh at the way they do milk down there. Like in northern states at a hotel breakfast it's basically skim milk, MAYBE 1%. In the south? 2%, whole milk, or sausage gravy. Roll tide.

PS: I need a video of Ron Swanson eating the Aaron Rodgers Burger and I needed it yesterday.