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Pac 12 Apologizes Profusely for the ASU/Wisco game.

by Jon Henseler

Just kidding they casually played it off as human error and made false promises to 'clean up' and make sure that nothing like that ever happens again. Never apologized to the Badgers and their fans. Never apologized to the Big 10. Instead they were bee boppin' and skattin all over us! You can read the entire statement from Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott here . What really chaps my ass is the initial 'that was an unusual situation to end a game.' Really? A quarterback trying to center the ball for a better look at a game winning field goal. That stuff was crazy! I mean I've never heard of a team attempting that before. Real wild card play calling. It's no wonder the officials brains locked up faster than my blogging computer when something pops up with Flash. Can't even really blame them now that I really think of it. 

Anyhow the bottom line is I think football fans in this state are getting real sick of the Monday and Tuesday routine of reading an article apologizing for how our team got jobbed. Not to mention there's not a single reference to what will be done to that officiating crew. My guess is nothing because the only job in the world with less accountability than blogging is officiating. And at the end of the day I'm not even sure what punishment would make any Badger fan feel better. I guess to steal another verse from the book of Costanza, all I really want is an actual apology and for them to be fired .

PS: Oh and ASU head coach Todd Graham came out yesterday and told people just to move on and that the better team won anyway . Todd Graham is one more quote away from going full Harbaugh.

Double PS: You know what punishment would fit? 2 minutes in the Boo Box. Legitimately the scariest thing I've ever seen in cinema history. Makes Buffalo Bill look like Mickey Mouse.