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Pearl Jam's "Lightening Bolt" Now Streaming on i-Tunes!!

by Lucy Black

It's not due out until next Tuesday, Oct 15th, but if you can't wait to get your hands on Pearl Jam's 10th studio album Lightening Bolt - you are in luck!

Right now Lightening Bolt is available to stream on i-Tunes!  And this little rock chick couldn't be happier.

CLICK HERE to get to listening. 

Al of the tracks will not appear at this link, but if you go to your i-Tunes store in your i-Tunes app and search Pearl Jam it will give you the option to listen to the album.

Can't wait for Tuesday until I can hold a copy in my hands.  Yeah for new Pearl Jam!  Now, if only I could get Eddie Vedder to accept my proposal of marriage...