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Documentary on Early Days of Twisted Sister Coming Out

by Amber Lee

Want to know the real history of Twisted Sister? Keep an eye out for the documentary “We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!” This documentary is about the early club days of the band. Jay Jay French (guitarist) says it will be out in the next year. Filmmaker Andy Horn is responsible for the project, and has spent the last four years working on it.

As French pointed out, "While most of the world thinks that TWISTED SISTER started in 1984, there are those who know a much different story… This version, when you look at the photo history of the band, contained me and four people most of you don't know: vocalist Michael Valentine, guitarist Billy Diamond, bassist Kenny Neill and drummer Mell Starr… Except for Kenny, these former members were either fired or left under very bad circumstances. What happened as a result of the experiences that I had with these ex members formed the basis of my management skills and taught me what to look for in future hiring. In fact, the first break up of the band in December of 1974 led to a personal crisis at the age of 22, that forever changed my life and taught me how to cope in the face of total failure both professionally and emotionally.”