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The Simpsons make amends for Judas Priest classification error.

by Otto Man

The writers for "The Simpsons” have acknowledged their mistake in calling Judas Priest a "death metal" band during their cameo a few weeks ago and have made amends. During the January 5th episode, titled "Steal This Episode", Judas Priest appeared playing a parody of “Breaking the Law” and were referred to as a “death metal band”. After it aired, much of the metal community showed its disapproval online, making it clear that Judas Priest is not, and never has been, a death metal band. Word evidently got back to "The Simpsons" creators, who made amends by having Bart write the words "Judas Priest is not 'death metal'" repeatedly on the chalkboard in the introduction of this week's episode. More  and more  and more