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The latest on Queensryche's legal drama

by Otto Man

There will continue to be two versions of Queensryche circulating, as former frontman Geoff Tate received a continuance, pushing the court date concerning the case surrounding the band’s name until January 27th, 2014. The band fired Tate and his wife Susan, who had been managing the band, in 2012. The Tate’s filed suit asking the court to grant them the rights to the band name in exchange for the singer paying the remaining members the fair market value for their interest in the group. The remaning band members counter sued to claim the name for themselves. The case was initially scheduled to take place Nov. 18, but the Tate’s requested the continuance to “provide sufficient time for both sides to continue active settlement negotiations without incurring additional court costs.” Meanwhile, the remaining members of Queensryche filed their opposition to the Tate’s motion, but the continuance was granted. Rulingfilingmore and more and more