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Slayer's Jeff Hannemann's widow speaks and more

by Otto Man

The August 2013 issue of Guitar World features a tribute to Slayer's Jeff Hanneman, and an interview with his widow Kathryn Hanneman, where she recounts his alcohol use, nearly dying or losing his arm from necrotizing fasciitis, the guitarist’s refusal to go to rehab or therapy afterward. Asked about his refusal to go to a formal rehab she said: “I think he thought he could do this on his own — that he would just to go rehearsal and play, and that that would be his rehab. But I think he started to learn, once he tried rehearsing, that he wasn’t playing up to his ability and that he wasn’t able to play guitar at the speed he was used to. And I think that really hit him hard, and he started to lose hope.” More and more and more and more

Meanwhile Slayer guitarist Kerry King says that the band will carry on following the sudden death of Hanneman. Speaking to Entertainment Daily News, King said that the band will always have a place for Hanneman: "Jeff is going to be in everybody's thoughts for a long time. It's unfortunate you can't keep unfortunate things from happening. But we're going to carry on - and he'll be there in spirit." The band has since recruited Gary Holt (Exodus) to replace the departed axeman. More

King, who was also interviewed by Kerrang! magazine at this year's Kerrang! awards. More