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Corey Taylor ripped off

by Otto Man

PHOTO CREDIT:  Rhys Asplundh, Creative Commons License

According to a report in the Des Moines Register, the home of SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor was robbed by a "friend" of the singer and his wife while they were on a month-long tour of Europe. A police report filed by Taylor states that his wife was told by a friend that she believed the suspect had been stealing equipment from the couple's Des Moines home and storage. Another friend became suspicious when he heard the suspect asking to buy equipment back from a local guitar store. More than $36,000 worth of musical equipment was allegedly taken. Some of the equipment has since been located at the guitar store and the store's manager is working to retrieve equipment that was already sold. More and more and more and more and more

Meanwhile high quality pro-shot footage of SLIPKNOT's June 14 performance at this year's edition of the Download festival has been posted online