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Andrew WK going to attempt to drum for 24 hours straight.

by Otto Man

Loudwire is reporting: On June 19, Andrew W.K. will sit down behind a drum kit and proceed to attempt to play for an uninterrupted 24 hours, going for the world record drum session during the O Music Awards. The official record attempt, Longest Drum Session in a Retail Store, will take place in an Oakley shop. Roots drummer ?uestlove and other surprise percussionists are scheduled to drop by and jam.

“When the O Music Awards first told me about this event, I felt a combination of excitement and pure fear,” says Andrew W.K. “I began to realize that actually playing drums for a few hours would be challenging, let alone 24 hours non-stop! This feat of rhythmic endurance is going to push me to my party limits. Pounding out a beat for an entire earthly rotation will be a life-changing and life-threatening adventure!”

He continues, “I’m calling upon all the positive party power I can summon from above and below, from inside my own soul, and from the generous energy of all the amazing drummers who’ll be playing with me. Please give me your strength, so I may not only endure this ordeal, but make it an inspiring team achievement for us all! When it’s time to party, we will always drum hard.”

Fans will be able to watch the entire 24 hours at OMusicAwards.com. The awards show will begin Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

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