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Al Jourgensen headed to rehab

by Otto Man

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen announced that he is checking into a rehab facility on February 3rd to combat his alcohol abuse. Jourgensen, who has infamously battled addictions to drugs and alcohol throughout his career, announced the news via a series of colorful Facebook posts.

In a post from Saturday, Jourgensen revealed, “I’ve just been informed I will be checking in on Feb 3….so I can get s–tfaced watching the Super Bowl on the 2nd.” and followed that up with: “My sobriety will not and I repeat not knock off my sarcasm…if anything….it will intensify….I appreciate the support from my brother and family…..kicked dope and crack by myself…but I need help on this one….so all your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome……thanx!” Jourgensen added on Sunday: “F— that douchebag Dennis Rodman one upped me … he checked into rehab today….I have to wait till Feb. 3.”

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