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VIDEOS: These girls crack me up!

by Nikki Montgomery

Kenzie copies me when I sneeze

Mia put a bat ring on my finger and when I pretended to be afraid she offered me some good advice. I have no idea where she gets this stuff.

Kids are so entertaining.

Kenzie's copying is actually one of the developmental questions the doctor asks around her age. So as cute as it is that she's copying me it's a good sign of her development.

Zoey doesn't copy us in the same way. She picks up on things we do like blowing kisses and she runs with it. She is a little ahead of Kenzie in the sign language and game playing. Zoey is really good at peek-a-boo and hide and seek. She likes to hide things and then when we ask where it is she finds it right away. The other day she pushed a book under a pillow and when I asked her where the book went she threw the pillow to reveal the book and squealed with satisfaction. So cute. Wish I would've gotten that on video.

Mia is picking up on phrases like, "Be calm," left and right and using them correctly which is awesome. She is mastering the English language. Which is great considering she talks more than any other two year old I know!

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