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Twin birth story

by Nikki Montgomery

Monday 10/21/13 my husband and I went to the Ministry Medical Group for another biophysical profile (BPP) and non-stress test prior to our pre-op appointment with the doctor that was scheduled to perform the c-section on Friday, Dr. Keegan. The non-stress test went well, both babies were very active. The biophysical profile was not quite as successful, neither baby did their fetal breathing. In all both girls scored an 8 out of 10 which is a passing score, but Dr. Keegan suggested we come in for another BPP and non-stress test on Wednesday 10/23/13 because the results were not as good as he hoped. Dr. Keegan told us that if the results didn't improve we may be having babies 2 days earlier than planned, but he was pretty confident that the plan would stay the same.

Wednesday 10/23/13 we arrived at the hospital a little late for our appointment because we had a very important meeting at work. I got there about 5 minutes late which meant I had to wait a little longer to be called from the waiting room. We did the non-stress test again and the girls did great! There's 2 points. Now on to the BPP. 8 points on the line and the girls scored 4 points easily. To get 6 points the girls needed some big body movements within a half hour, but they needed an extension. To get the last 2 points the girls needed to do their fetal breathing and neither did. The ultrasound tech didn't tell us the results of the BPP. 

After the BPP we had an appointment with Dr. Keegan to talk about the results and finalize the plan for Friday. Dr. Keegan came in the room and said, "Guess who's having babies today!" with a big smile on his face. I just looked at him with this surprised look on my face and he said, "You guys are!" I was so sure we were having them on Friday that I didn't even bring my bag. Luckily it was packed I just didn't throw it in the car. Josh did bring his and dropped Mia's bag off with her at the sitter's (my sister) house when he dropped her off. We also had a just in case plan in place for Mia since we'd be stuck in the hospital for a few days.

Dr. Keegan had his nurse escort Josh and me to the Women and Infant Center at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital to get checked into a room. They allowed us a short amount of time to make our most important phone calls...pretty much work and parents. After that they started prepping me for surgery. My parents made it to the hospital right before they were going to wheel me down to the operating room. 

This experience was much more relaxed than when I had my c-section with Mia. It helps too that I wasn't experiencing contractions as the anesthesiologist was explaining the drugs. The c-section went really well. The anesthesiologist was super friendly, he talked to me whenever Josh wasn't in the room. The girls were delivered one minute apart. Zoey Louise was the first to come out at 6:07pm and Kenzie Mae was delivered at 6:08pm. The best part about being awake during the procedure is being able to hear their first cries. Josh and I looked at each other and both cried just a little too.

After the nurse briefly showed me the babies they were taken to the adjoining room to be wiped off, weighed, measured and scored. Zoey Louise was 6lbs 1oz and her Apgar score was 10 out of 10 and Kenzie Mae was 5lbs 11oz and her Apgar score was 8 out of 10 and both were 19in long. They were long and skinny and healthy. All this was going on as I was getting stitched back up. 

Everything went so well. The entire staff at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital was amazing. We were all happy and healthy. Even if it didn't go as planned that evening it was perfect.

Too bad it couldn't stay that way.

To be continued...

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