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Things you miss during pregnancy

by Nikki Montgomery

Every woman is tired during pregnancy because it is hard work building a baby, but most women bounce back in the second trimester. I remember being tired with Mia, but by the second trimester I felt great then started getting a little tired again in the third, but not as bad as the first. Being pregnant with twins is a whole different ball game. I was so tired in the first trimester there was no way I could function without an afternoon nap and even that didn't ward off the tiredness. The second trimester isn't much better. Some days are better than others, but for the most part I'm still tired all the time. The third trimester is right around the corner so I can't wait to see what that's going to be like. 

Today I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I know that I'm supposed to avoid caffeine, but today I just can't see how I will get through my day without it. Before I was pregnant I started my day with two or three cups of coffee, but I don't drink caffeinated soda so I was done with caffeine after that. When I found out I was pregnant I dropped it down to 1 cup for a couple weeks and now I just have one cup of decaf. So this got me thinking about all the things I miss while pregnant that you may miss too.

  2. OFF LIMIT FOODS - Deli meats that aren't heated to steaming, sushi, runny eggs, medium rare steak, cookie dough
  3. COMFORTABLE SLEEP - I am a back sleeper, but during pregnancy sleeping on your back can cut off blood supply to your legs so doctors suggest sleeping on your left side. I have to sleep with a body pillow on one side of me to help support my growing belly and keep my knees apart so I don't have sore hips in the morning and I have to have a pillow rolled up behind my back to keep me from rolling onto my back. I wake up a lot because I'm not comfortable. Also getting up in the middle of the night to pee doesn't help.
  6. CUTE SHOES - It's no longer about fashion it's all about comfort and fitting your swollen feet
  7. FEELING INDEPENDENT - It's nice to have people concerned about me, but I hate feeling helpless. Because I'm pregnant with twins there are so many more restrictions than being pregnant with a single baby and sometimes I just feel useless. I can't do much without someone else's help and that's hard for me.
  8. BEER & WINE
  9. A NORMAL SENSE OF SMELL - Every little thing smells super strong. I can smell the lunch that my co-worker is eating across the building. When the dogs come in from outside they nearly make me gag from whatever it is they've gotten into. Let's not even talk about dishes or garbage.
  10. PRE-PREGNANCY BODY - Shaving my legs wasn't such a chore, not only could I see my toes I could paint them too, my back didn't ache all the time and my ankles didn't swell and I could go on and on.

I'm more than half way through and I know that I'll look back on this time and remember all the cool things about being pregnant, but today I'm stuck on all the things that aren't so fun.

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