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The Best Summertime Passtime

by Mark Evans

I'm a traditional guy in a lot of ways.  And in reading a lot of the posts here in the Parenting Blog, I've noticed something that's been sorely lacking - and that's in inclusion of Baseball.

When I say Baseball, I'm not talking about the Major League level - far too expensive and the players are far too removed.  I'm talking about Minor League Baseball, or better yet - College Summer League baseball like we have here in Duluth.

The Duluth Huskies are members of The Northwoods League - a collection of teams around Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ontario which is a developmental league for college players.  For many, it's the first experience they have using a wooden bat - better preparing them for professional baseball later in life.

The reason I mention this isn't just to promote baseball - but also to promote how important it is as a family to take opportunities like a Huskies game to do something different together.

Growing up as a young man in Madison, Wisconsin; there was no baseball like there is at this level until I was in high school when a Class A Minor League team came to town.  So we never did anything like this while I was growing up.  Maybe that's why we gravitate towards this opportunity now that we live here in Duluth.


For $7.00 per ticket (under 6 is free) we get access to pretty much any section of Wade Stadium we want.  The beer and concessions are more than reasonable (compared to a Twins game.....YIKES!)  But the real treat is the fact that we get to sit in an area together and catch up.  We watch baseball, of course; but the conversations we have and the stories we share at the ball park flow more freely because we're all right there contributing. 

It's an amazing opportunity; to share something together that all can enjoy - and thankfully it's not any more expensive than taking the group to a restaurant for dinner.  PLUS, you're outside on a beautiful summer evening.

Minor League, College, or Northwoods - share small level baseball with your family and you'll be surprised how much you enjoy both the game and one another!