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Would you pay $50 to see this?

by Jay Morris

The latest Brad Pitt movie is World War Z. They are offering Mega tickets at 7 theaters nationwide (none is Michigan) that according to UpRoxx gives you:  

  • To see the movie two days early, in 3D.
  • Custom RealD glasses.
  • A limited-edition poster.
  • An HD copy of the movie when it arrives on home video.
  • And a small popcorn
  • If this works and they sell a ton of these mega tickets I would expect to see this idea spread. Would you pay $50 to get these extras? 

    My thought is no, with a IF. If the movie in question is something I can't wait to see, (think new Star Wars movie) and I plan on buying the home video anyway then I might, I and stress might consider it. Any other movie I say no.