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Why will 75 % of women avoid Facebook Friday

by Jay Morris

A new poll says that Valentine's Day and social media don't mix. Here are some of the most interesting parts of this poll to me. 


  • Nearly 75%  say they'll be actively avoiding Facebook and other social media outlets this Friday because they don't want to see what's going on in other people's love lives.  
  • 72% admit they'll announce on social media that they're unattached in an effort to find a Valentine's date or connect with other singles.  
  • More ticked than men by couple "selfies" 


  • 50% will be checking in on social media 
  • 52% will share their single status 
  • More bothered than women by cheesy status updates and romantic messages

45% of both men and women say the social media pages of people in happy relationships leave them feeling even more lonely.