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Trending #YouAreDatingALoser

by Jay Morris

One of the top trends this morning is #YouAreDatingALoser. Here are some of the best responses. 

  • if he makes u sit in the backseat when his boys in the car
  • if their shoes are worth more than there car.
  • If he can't sacrifice his game to watch something you do 
  • if saying "I'm fine" when you're obviously not is the end of the conversation
  • if he likes himself more than he likes you 
  • If he can't put his phone down while you're on a date
  • if she won't see you unless you got paid. Or...when your tax return comes back.
  • if he gets jealous if you making simple conversation with HIS friends when he takes you to an event that involves them.
  • You are working two jobs while he stays home and plays video games 
  • when he has an excuse 4everything EVERYTHING
  • if he has money for drugs, alcohol, video games, and tattoos but is too broke to take you out on a date.
  • when they make you more upset than playing flappy bird