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Trending on Twitter #SadToys

by Jay Morris

Combine well know toys with sadness, and you have one of the highest trending hash tags today on Twitter. Sick and twisted YES. Some are very clever and funny. Oh and it seems Barbie is an easy target.  

Here are some of the best I found 

Cabbage Patch Illegitimate Kids

Crabs in your Pants

Battleship: Captain Phillips Edition

Hungry hungry hobos

Nicotine Patch Kids

Erector Dysfunction Set

Pooper Soaker

Mr. Pot Head

Etch-a-police sketch

My Nano Pony

Cooties...Chlamydia Edition

Marijuana Patch Kids

Nose-Candy Land 

Somber Putty

Magic "The Gathering of The Juggalos" Cards

Horribly Difficult to Bake Oven

Easy-Meth Oven 

Divorcee Barbie...Every-Other-Weekend Ken sold separately

Cat Lady Barbie