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Trending on Twitter #NewOscarCategories

by Jay Morris

The Academy Awards are Sunday, one of the top trends on Twitter today are #NewOscarCategories .  Here are some of the best I found: 

Best Performance by an Actor Before Congress as a Wannabe Expert 

Achievement in using Another City to Represent New York 

Most Swear-Inducing Appearance by a Bunch of Snakes on a Plane

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Award for best wooden acting with a silly accent

Best Laurence Fishburne Performance Mistakenly Credited to Samuel L. Jackson

Best movie based on a book you meant to read but now it's a movie so you don't have to

Best Morgan Freeman Narration

Best Performance By A Canadian City Doubling As New York. 

Best Actress Dropping Phone Immediately After Receiving Horrible News on Phone

Best Spelling of Matthew McCougjhnahee's Name 

Best Use of John Goodman to Make a Wretched Film Tolerable

Best Cinematography That Disguises The Fact That Tom Cruise is 4'9"

Best Preview That Tricked Millions Into Seeing A Bad Movie 

Best fake smile for accepting awards

Best Transformation of a Gorgeous Actress into a Plain Girl by Using Only a Pair of Glasses

Best Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter