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Trending on Twitter #IfIWasWhite

by Jay Morris

This hashtag has been the top trend on twitter today. It has led to some interesting tweets: 

Ill cuss the police out!

I wouldn't be told to move from my location for standing there for too long 

I would buy meat that is not locked down with an anti-theft device pierced through it and buy detergent from off the shelf.

I would know that the hashtag should say If I "WERE" White

I'd have Starbucks

I would do anything a black person can do because we are the same! lol

I would be hired before the.interview

I wouldn't know whether to be offended or laugh ?

I'd judge people actually by the content of their character

I would come to school late with Starbucks everyday

I tweet saying how this is incredibly racist toward white people and then go back to living my life free of racial oppression

I'd be a badass snowboarder

I would worriy more about what happens in the projects and inner-city schools, especially if you want less crime in the future

I could probably walk around a store without those ponsy posh shop assistant ladies staring at my every move

I can get a job easier

that awkward moment when white people are participating in this trend

I would be forced to wear Uggs with everything and a scarf. I guess it's the "white girl law"

is trending and all the white people are upset. What's the worse we gon do? Make fun of Starbucks and Nutella?

I'd be labeled intelligent and opinionated instead of angry and black

I could snapchat in poorly lit environments

I would tell my mom/dad I HATE YOU, walk away, and dramatically slam my room door shut without worrying about a beating