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Trending on Twitter #Confess yourUnpopularOpinion

by Jay Morris

Found #Confess yourUnpopularOpinion  trending on twitter today. This is almost as good as saying "with all due respect" before telling someone something they don't want to hear. These are some of the best I found from this hashtag

World peace will never happen. Humans are violent and destructive by nature.

There will never be a society where racism and other forms of prejudice are not highly prominent.

I hate snow days with a passion.

Not everybody who smiles bright brush their teeth 

I think diamond rings are stupid

If you can afford marijuana, then you don't need Food Stamps

the Olympics are the biggest nothing ever to come down the pike.

peanut butter is disgusting

Batman does not have any real superpowers. He shouldn't even be considered a "super" hero.”

Nickelback has nice songs

Flappy Birds would have changed the world.

I actually like Joe Buck

Tattoos on women? No thanks.

I can't stand Lorde.

Posting a status about being "Over it" or "OVERRRRRR IT :)" tells me you are clearly not over it.

I've never seen 'Frozen' and frankly, everyone is so obsessively annoying about it that I'm not sure I want to

I'm obsessed with the Team USA sweaters.

Nutella is disgusting and overrated