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Who knew there were rules?!

by Laura Bradshaw

This came from the "Bro Bible".  I found this book once and gave it to a guy friend of mine.  He loved it.  Still says to this day "one of the best gifts ever"!  Ha!  Well- to each their own, as this is; If taking these pics and sending it to your significant other is your thing, well, hats off.. among other things.  

Here are the RULES if you are going to take and send pictures of certain appendages.  

  • Do include at least one of your hands – This important detail is often the difference between a picture that looks like it’s from a medical journal and one that will turn on the person you’re sending it to.
  • Don’t line it  up against an inanimate object – It’s weird and it makes you look insecure.
  • Do consider the background and lighting – Details matter. Taking it in a toothpaste-smeared mirror with a pile of dirty laundry in the background is a bad play.
  • Don’t obsess about maximizing size – The goal should be to turn your wife or girlfriend on … not to break a world record. Taking the picture from a weird angle will make you look weird. (BroBible.com)