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Training for the Chicago Marathon: Week 1

by Cassandra Basore

122 and counting until the 2013 Chicago Marathon on October 13th. Even though I have done two half-marathons in the past, I still consider myself a novice long distance runner having been much more of a sprinter throughout my athletic career.  I’ll be blogging weekly with updates about my progress as well as tips I’ve learned along the way. The marathon schedule I chose to follow is Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 program seen below.

So far I’ve learned a few things from my pre-training getting ready for the marathon schedule.

1. I couldn’t live without my GPS watch. Even though expensive, my Nike+ GPS watch has been a lifesaver. I recommend every runner to get one.

2. Quality socks. It sounds silly but I learned the hard way what low quality socks can do to your feet. You will need to go to an athletic apparel store and ask specifically for running socks. The ones I have are Nike’s Dri-Fit running socks.

3. Run with a group.  I’m not a very group oriented person and previously declined any invitations to run with a group. This was a big mistake. Running with a group not only motivates you, but is addicting. It’s remarkable what a little positivity from others can do. My group runs mornings at 6:30am through the downtown area of Kalamazoo, MI.  

4. Get up! There are times when my clock goes off at 5:50 am and I wouldn’t want to get out of bed even if it were on fire. However, when I force myself to take those first initial steps, I find it’s easy to keep the momentum going until (before I know it) I’m dressed and out the door.

5. Diet. Along with taking on the challenge of marathon training, I am also a novice Paleo eater. I cannot speak more highly of a “diet” when it comes to Paleo eating. The overall health of my body has improved which is always a good thing, but I think the benefit I enjoy most from eating healthy is the energy I have throughout the day. Unless I have really gone through a rigorous workout or had too little sleep, I feel no energy lows whatsoever. I think that sticking to eating healthy during my marathon training will be as important as the long runs.

I don’t expect all my posts to be this positive as the long runs are only going up from here. Expect more I week 2.