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30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge Day One

by Jess Kelley

Photo Credit: Jess Kelley

Pretty sweet photo huh? and yes we are wearing TUTUs!! How fun is that?!

So, last night at Bootcamp Yoga was the first day of my 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge. 

In this station (picture above) we are either hoping/running over the pillows. I call it don't touch the hot lava! 

It's a great cardio workout and fun...especially with the tutus. The best is when the guys wear the tutus. It's hilarious. 

If you want to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge its not too late but today is the last day to sign up.  

So far, so good! Today I will be doing a 15 minute yoga workout at my house. 

-Jess Kelley