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The Calorie Torching In-Home Workout

by Corey Carter

Here's another great fitness blog written by guest-blogger Bailee Bruecker.  bailee.bruecker@snc.edu , Twitter: @Bails_25 

Didn’t get a chance to hit the gym today? We have all been there.  Still looking for a way to sneak in a workout and get your heart pumping? Below is a workout that I have sound successful in burning an extra 100 calories on those days when getting to a gym just isn’t possible.  This mini workout requires not equipment and can be done just about anywhere. Please consider that these estimations. As a rule of thumb if you’re heavier 150lbs, you may burn more, and if you’re lighter than 150lbs you may burn less.

• 1 minute – Walk in place, be sure to get your arms moving

• 1 minute – Light jog in place, once again get those arms moving

• 1 minute - Jumping jacks

• 1 minute - Jog in place

• 30 seconds – Plank holds, be sure to keep back straight and keep core tight

• 30 seconds - Walk in place, arms pumping

• 30 seconds - Burpees

• 30 seconds- Plank hold

• 30 seconds - Mountain climbers

• 30 seconds –Walk in place

• 30 seconds - Burpees

• 1  minute- Plank holds

• 1 minute burn: Squat jumps

1 minute – cool down walk, you may be tired and out of breath but it is important you keep moving on your feet.