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FINALLY! Healthy Bacon!!

by Corey Carter

Ever since I discovered turkey bacon roughly 7-8 years ago, it became one of my favorite foods.

Since then, I've read many articles on the dangers of "nitrates" in processed meats, so my wife and I have avoided buying/consuming meats with nitrates in them. While more expensive, it seems to be a worthwhile investment health-wise.

Unfortunately, reading the ingredients of turkey bacon, it contained nitrates...UNTIL NOW!!

(Actually, not sure how long this has been out, but I know roughly 6-8 months ago when I looked at all of our area grocery stores, I couldn't find any nitrate-free turkey bacon)

I found this at our local grocery store. If it's here, I'm sure you can find it. Finally, a low-fat, delicious and nitrate free version of one of America's favorite food. Rejoice!!