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10 Biggest Workout Mistakes??

by Corey Carter

Without even looking at this link, here are my guesses for the Top 10 mistakes:

1-Not giving muscles ample rest between workouts

2-Not working the entire "range-of-motion" when performing exercises

3-Not tightening your "core" when performing reps (most exercises are most-effective when doing that)

4-Not pushing yourself hard enough

5-Pushing yourself too-hard (weight-lifting) and risking injury

6-Not using correct form

7-Not being hydrated enough (not drinking enough water/fluids before/during/after workouts)

8-Not warming up/stretching properly before workout

9-not cleaning off the sweaty equipment after you are done...

10-wearing clothing that makes your butt hang out. (haha - just seeing if you were still paying attention - but I'm kinda serious...if you know what I mean...)

Check to see how many I got correct HERE

(Thanks to chacha.com)