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Mother's Day Omelets Three Ways

by Jeff Flynt

Sunday is Mother's Day. A lot of times, the go-to move for families is to cook their mom breakfast. Potentially, it can be served in bed. Otherwise a table works just fine.

The effort leads to appreciation of Mom, and something that's out of the normal for that special lady is making her an omelet.

But there is a technique to pulling this off. Remember, it's not scrambled eggs. If it's done wrong, however, that's what you'll end up getting.

Let's start with the basic omelet recipe, which will help sharpen up your skills. A couple things to note: I prefer cracking my eggs on a flat surface, as opposed to the edge of your mixing bowl. I find that leads to fewer shells ending up in your mixture. 

Second, I prefer to use a fork to whisk eggs. Nothing against whisks, but I'll save those for another duty. 

Third, a good rubber spatula is vital. It can be used in many different recipes, so if you don't have a good one, now is the time to go buy one.

The second recipe is for a Western Omelet. While it's a basic omelet with ham, bell peppers and onions, the flavor combination is a big hit. Remember, as with any recipe, you can adjust the additions to your personal tastes. You could use sausage, bacon or chicken for the protein, and whatever other vegetables you might have on-hand in the meal.

Now if you want to try a more advanced recipe with your omelet. How about a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelet with Green Onions. It's easy to pull off, but the ingredients and flavor profile is extra special on this very important day.

Whatever you try and make for Mom, be sure to remember that the effort and thought going into the meal is nearly as important as the taste. That is, unless, you either burn the food or destroy the kitchen. At which point, you're on your own!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!