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3 day weekend ribs

by Phil O'Reilly

It's time to do a rack of baby back ribs, so here is my plan.  On Saturday, I plan to do the prep work.  I will peel back the membrane  because it tends to keep the smoke and spices out.  I will put a thin layer of spicy mustard over the ribs and than add my favorite rib rub. Here is one that I found on Food Network  that I like too.  Just find yours and be very liberal with it and cover the entire rack.  I wrap in foil with some pickle juice and put in the fridge overnight.  Next day, fire up my coals and get my grill to a temperature of 275 degrees.  I put the rack on indirect heat for two hours.  I'll take the ribs off at that point and wrap in foil and this time pour apple juice in the foil with the ribs and put back on the grill for another 2 1/2 hours.  They always come out perfect.  They fall off the bone when you bite into them, not when you pick them up with the tongs.