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Bachelorette Party Ideas--That Aren't Cheesy

by Christy Taylor

Planning on hitting the bars and clubs for the big party?
Come on, you can do better than that.

At yourtango.com I came across some great ideas they have for bachelorette parties!

This really only works if the soon-to-be-wed is a music fan, but if so this is both a widely entertaining and creative option. Grab tickets to a spring or summer festival (i.e. Bonnarroo, Outside Lands, Coachella, Mountain Jam), camp out, roast marshmallows and jam out to live music for days on end.

Old-School Sleepover
A PJ party is a tradition that, honestly, you never really grow out of -- the only difference is now you can (openly) booze. Either rent a beach house or a cabin -- or just enlist one of your friends to host everyone for the night -- and cook dinner, play drinking games, make up dance routines to Boys II Men's Motown Philly (preferably after several drinking games).

Spa Day
Soaking up a truly awesome spa day is one of those things you always "mean" to do, but more often than not need a good excuse to actually do. Well, presenting your excuse! Plus, massages, mud baths and plunge pools are even better when done with a group of girlfriends.

New Orleans or Bust
Take it from someone who literally bachelorette-tripped here just weeks ago: The Big Easy is a phenomenal place to celebrate, well, anything. The best part? You barely even need an itinerary as just walking around downing po boys, beignets and lots of hurricanes (almost every NOLA establishment encourages a "to go" beverage before departing) with your friends is constant entertainment. Start your engines for this one, and consider taking Monday off from work in advance ... you'll need it.

Hit The Road
For the truly adventurous "fling before the ring", kidnap the bachelorette for an all-gals road rager. Don't tell bride-to-be where you're heading (hell, you may not even know!), but make sure to pull over at every random "biggest ball of twine" stop along the way, snapping pics at every one. Then, scrapbook the entire thing for a great bridal gift.