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  • Want to See the Movie Lloyd Carr called a "Must See"?

    Posted by Parker

    "Answer This!" is a movie set in Ann Arbor that is currently showing in select theatres.  It is the only movie that U of M has EVER lent it's name to.  Plus it's the only movie to have filmed a scene at the big house during an actual live game. (2009 vs Western Michigan) Here is the trailer.


  • Lions Fans Tell Nickelback to Take a Hike.

    Posted by Parker

    The NFL booked Nickelback to play the halftime show for this years thanksgiving day game against Green Bay.  This did not sit well with a large number of Lions fans.  In fact there is a petition circulating on the internet to get them UNinvited.

    Most people are saying that for such a big game that will be viewed by people all over the country, there should be an iconic Detroit band rather than Canadians.  Some of them just hate Nickelback.

    Do you think the halftime show should be a band that represents Detroit?  You can sign the petition here:

    At the time of this posting there were 16,496 signatures.  My name will be 16,497.


  • Forbes Names Ford Sr. the Worst Owner in the NFL

    Posted by Parker

    Keep in mind that this was based on figures from the 2010 season, but Forbes just named Bill Ford Sr. the worst owner in the NFL.  This was because in 2010 they were the only franchise out of all 32 teams that LOST money. 

    I don't think that this info will shock anybody.  But now that the Lions are looking solid again, maybe they can get their act together upstairs.  A lot of it had to do with poor decision making, but at least part of it had to be lack of support from fans.  Keep that in mind.  Pride in a team seems to eventually equal $$$. I'm not saying you need to empty your bank account buying beers and jerseys at Ford Field.  But a little support for the Honolulu blue here and there couldn't hurt. Think about that as you watch this video montage of Megatron doing awesome stuff.


  • First Footage from Grand Theft Auto V

    Posted by Parker

    Even people who don't know much about video games know GTA.  The new one is set in a west coast city.  It looks IDENTICAL to L.A.  I lived in Los Angeles for a while and this trailer shows locations like Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, The Highway, Hollywood, and Downtown that are spot on reproductions.  They all have different names, but it's pretty obvious what they are if you have ever been there.

    Also worth noting.  There is a rumor that GTA V will not have a disc.  It may be download only.  You can still "buy" it in the store but it will probably be a download code, sort of like buying an itunes gift card.  People in the industry think that pretty soon ALL games will be sold this way.  Interesting stuff.

    Here is the trailer that just came out today.  Well worth watching even if you don't play games, just because it's amazing how REAL it looks:

    What do you think?  Comment and let me know.


  • Some "Treats" Suck.

    Posted by Parker

    Halloween is finished.  All the porch lights are off (which seems a little dangerous by the way) The kids are back at home with their stash.  I don't have kids, but I started wondering if people are still giving out the same crappy "Treats" they did when I was a kid.  Here are a few I remember.  Let me know if any of them are still around this year.

    The guy who gives you spare change:  These are children! Not homeless people!  This dude probably ran out of candy and figures "Who doesn't love money"  I'll tell you who.  An 8 year old who just got 16 cents in pennies.  You know what you can buy with 16 cents?  One raw egg.  Do the math.

    The old lady who made caramel apples:  She spent all weekend buying the apples, putting the sitcks in and melting the caramel.  The only thing she didn't stop to think about is the fact that this is not 1952!  No decent parent is going to let their kid eat a homemade snack from a strangers house!  All the time and love you put into these are going right into the trash.

    The person that put popcorn into sandwich bags:  Really?  Come on!

    The guy who put on a werewolf mask and chased kids off his porch:  I never knew what this guy was giving out because he would always chase you off.  Real funny %$&hole!  I'm 3!  Give me a &*^%ing break man!

    The unattended "take one" Bowl:  I think we all know how this one ends.  Also what if it says "Take One" but the bowl is filled with "Take 5" candy bars?  Kids are confused enough as it is.



  • Famous Halloween Sluts

    Posted by Parker

    Clearly the best thing about Halloween is that chicks dress like sluts.  Christmas may be the time to say I love you.  But Halloween is the time to say "I'm a dirty pirate slut with a giant rack and a bottle of captain that I will polish off before the end of the night and sleep with some lucky guy who happens to be in the right place at the right time"  That being said, I stumbled upon a bunch of hot celebrity chicks in hot slut outfits today.  Here are the best ones.

    Kim Kardashian as Slutty Princess Jasmine (Always one of the hottest Disney chicks anyway)

    Carmen Electra as slutty Michael Jackson.  I'm guessing this was before he died.

    Holly Madison.  Slutty tinkerbell is hot.  Tinkerbell tattoos are not.  Those are for fat chicks.

    Jennifer Walcott as a slutty mermaid.  Oh, to be a starfish this day.

    Jenny Mcarthy rocking the slutty maid.  Classic, but it still gets the job done.

    Slutty firefighter is always one of my favorites.  The bummer part is they always end up hooking up with some dude who actually IS a firefighter.  This is Lohan by the way.

    Say what you will about Paris Hilton, but this is the tastiest Pochahontas outfit ever.  Also I just realized that half of these are Disney characters.  Thanks Walt's frozen head.  Wherever you are.

    Which ones do you like?


  • This Just In! Steven Tyler is Old!

    Posted by Parker

    Earlier today a story came out that Steven Tyler was hospitalized in Paraguay.  Was it for rocking too hard?  Nailing hot chicks till he passed out?  Drug OD?  None of the above.  He slipped in the shower and cut up his face.  He also knocked out a couple teeth.  In my opinion, once you can't wash yourself without knocking yourself out, you have become old.

    Grandpa Tyler tries to make the magic future box work.

    Don't get me wrong.  He's still cool.  Here is true story from back in the day to prove it.  A friend of mine who also works in radio interviewed him before a show once.  My friend was wearing a station T-shirt and Steven Tyler was wearing some sort of vest with no shirt underneath.  Tyler asked him if he wanted to trade the vest for the T-shirt, even going as far as taking the vest off and offering it to him.  Since all of my closest friends seem to be morons, my buddy said no!  His reason was he didn't want to wear a vest that was 5 sizes too small all night.  As the rest of us know, this is a stupid reason and he could have sold it on ebay for large amounts of money.

    "Wait.  Did you just say you DON'T want my vest?  Are you sure?"

    The point is Steven Tyler is cool.  Even if he can't scrub his own junk without falling and busting his face open.


  • Best. Note. EVER!

    Posted by Parker

    There are no words.

    Notice that it says "appears to be"  To me this means there is no hard proof.  Pun intended.