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  • Does THIS Guy Deserve Jennifer Aniston?

    Posted by Average Joe

    Jennifer Aniston is engaged to boyfriend Justin Theroux.

    His rep called the engagement "an extraordinary [birthday] gift" for the actor-screenwriter, who turned 41 on Friday.

    Aniston started dating Theroux in May 2011.

    See the future Mr. Aniston HERE ;)


  • Five Most Embarrassing Ways to Get DUMPED

    Posted by Average Joe

    Here are five seriously embarrassing ways guys break up with their girlfriends:

    Facebook Flip-Off
    While checking his Facebook page, you notice his dating status now says "single."

    The New Girl
    The new girlfriend calls looking for him and is more than happy to share the news.

    The Text Bomb
    Nothing says coward like letting your thumbs do your dirty work. At the very least, he should have used the phone to call with the news.

    Twitter Terror
    Your response to getting dumped on Twitter needn't be 140 characters. A simple "F*** You" will do.

    The Goodbye Box
    Nothing like coming home to find a box of the stuff you used to stash at his place on your porch.

    Read more awkwardness HERE


  • 5 Bedtime Habits That Are Killing Your Sex Life...

    Posted by Average Joe

    1. Smartphone: The only thing that should be vibrating near your bed is a sex toy. Don't just silence your phone, cut it off. In fact, leave it in the living room and turn your focus to each other. Those emails can be answered later.

    2. Chores: Give your "inner clean freak" the night off once in awhile. Let the dishes wait until morning and have a make-out session instead.

    3. iPad: The iPad is addictive but it shouldn't interfere with foreplay. Think about it this way--the only games you need to play at night are with the person next to you.

    4. Story Time: Kids will do anything to stay up late. Next time the little one brings you a pile of books to read, cancel. Read two, then get in some cuddle time with your man.

    5. Too Much Talk: Nothing kills the mood quicker than bringing up a serious issue. Leave the serious discussions for morning.


    If you answered "YES" to 3 or more of these, it's time to have an awkward conversation with your boo.


  • Look Who Might Join Mariah and Randy on Idol!

    Posted by Average Joe

    Alanis Morissette hinted that she is in talks to join "American Idol" as judge.

    During an interview with a Las Vegas radio station (Mix 94.1's Mark & Mercedes), Alanis was asked if she had ever been approached by "Idol" and said she's currently in discussions with someone.

    Alanis replied: "I'm in talks with somebody right now. I can't name any names, but I'm pretty excited at the thought of doing it more formally. Yep....I still have to investigate further, that's all I can say."

    Alanis appeared on the second season of "The Voice" as a guest mentor for Adam Levine's team.

    If she does sign on for "Idol", she would join Mariah Carey as a freshman judge.

    I think she's gonna' be a softy.  Click HERE for Alanis "hinting" at the gig.


  • (PIC!) Sushi Served On A Naked Woman?

    Posted by Average Joe

    A restaurant in Miami Beach is serving sushi on naked women.

    Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi started serving up human platters last month.

    The chef made the suggestion, saying Japanese people have been dining off naked bodies for thousands of years!

    The owner says the human platter costs $500 and serves up to 15 people.

    Just a heads-up if you're thinking about opening a business around here...might work!


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