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  • Girl Addicted To Eating...WHAT?

    Posted by Average Joe

    A woman from Marrietta, GA is addicted to eating scotch tape… she goes through 6,000 feet of tape a month.

    The 23-year-old featured on the Discovery show "My Strange Addiction" claims she just can't stop eating it.

    It started nine years ago when she ran out of gum… and it's gotten progressively worse.

    She now eats three of four rolls a day.

    "My Strange Addiction" airs on Discovery Real Time Tuesdays at 9 and 9:30pm.

    I am totally "addicted" to this show.  I don't know how else to say it!!


  • Woman Finds Ex BF Living In Her Attic 12 Years After They Broke Up!

    Posted by Average Joe

    A woman Charlotte found her ex-boyfriend living in her attic 12-years after they broke up. 

    The single mother-of-five heard banging in her attic and thought it might be an animal or even a ghost.  She later sent her oldest sons and nephew to check and they found the 44-year-old man who was released from prison two weeks ago. They also found cups and bottles of the man's urine. 

    She called cops but he took off before they could get there.  They are now searching for the man.

    Ever had a "creepy clinger" that just couldn't let go?


  • (Gross?) Candy Corn Flavored Oreos

    Posted by Average Joe

    Just in time for Fall comes a limited edition flavored Oreo dedicated to the best/worst Trick-Or-Treat candy.

    Starting today, Krafts Food (owner of Nabisco) confirmed that these golden Oreos will be available exclusively at Target stores.

    I guess don't knock it until you try it.

    CLICK HERE for more.


  • (LOL) The Slogan is "Happy To Sit On Your Face"!

    Posted by Average Joe

    A sunglasses company has been forced to take down their billboard in San  Diego that read: "Happy to sit on your face".

    Locals didn't appreciate its sexual innuendo.

    The billboard was promoting SPY Optic's new line of "Happy" lenses which lift one's spirits with their special design.

    It was only up one day and people complained about it so the owners of the ad space took it down.

    Kinda' makes me wanna' buy them?  You?

    Read more HERE


  • (Want Tips?) This Guy Can Win Every Carnival Game!

    Posted by Average Joe

    A car salesman from the Detroit-area is so good at carnival games he wins thousands and thousands of stuffed animals a year... and he donates them all.

    It started when he was nine years old and he'd help his father deliver linens to the state fair. After work he'd play carnival games.

    He was really good at throwing games: darts, quarters on plates, etc.

    He won a lot and started to develop crazy technique as time went on. He once won 200 animals in two hours.

    He was winning up to 2,000 animals a year without even trying…so he started trying and began winning 5-6,000 a year.

    He donated them all to charities, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots, schools, etc. He even puts one in every car he sells.

    He's gotten so good that carnivals limit how much he can play because he'll wipe them out of toys.


    See him HERE


  • What Would Your Honey Boo Boo Nickname Be?

    Posted by Average Joe

    You've seen the show.  You've disagreed with the show.  You've then talked about the show with other people.  You  watched the show again.  You realized it's your biggest guilty pleasure.  Sound familiar?

    Get your own Honey Boo Boo nickname here:  (GROSS!)

    Enter your name in the calculator HERE


  • Mother of the Year? (NOT! PICS!!)

    Posted by Average Joe

    A Utah woman was caught potty training her daughter at a restaurant table.

    The woman stripped her kids down and sat them on top of potty training seats right at the table of a busy restaurant while they ate their chicken nuggets.

    A customer took a picture and posted it to Facebook where it went viral. Then a local TV station picked up the story and put it on the air.

    There's no word if the mother was charged with anything or if they even know who it was, but the restaurant says they did get several complaints about it.

    Facebook took the picture down.



  • Look Who Might Intro Obama at the DNC!

    Posted by Average Joe

    A social media campaign has been launched by Dems to bring Betty White to the Democratic National Convention this week.

    Betty White already endorsed Obama, and she already gave in to one petition to appear on SNL, so the Dems are hoping they can persuade her to speak.

    What do ya' think?

    Get in on it HERE


  • Kids Are Getting How Much From the Tooth Fairy?!

    Posted by Average Joe

    A new survey finds that kids in the US get an average of $3 for each tooth lost… an increase of 15% from last year.

    Researchers surveyed 2,000 families and found that the Tooth Fairy leaves on average $3 per tooth but some kids get up to $20 per tooth. 

    And there is now a free app that helps parents calculate how much money they should be slipping under their kid's pillow based on household income, education and age.

    50 cents was HUGE for me!  #iamold


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