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  • Katy Perry's Ex-Boyfriend Dies (CONTENT WARNING!)

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    Johnny Lewis, who starred in "The OC", and "Sons of Anarchy" for two seasons, was found dead.

    After allegedly murdering his 81-year-old landlady and beating two men, Lewis was found in the driveway of the old woman's Los Angeles home.

    He had allegedly tried to break in, and had to be held back by three people. Cops believe Lewis was on PCP or meth at the time because he fought off those people.

    He even killed the old woman's cat and allegedly dismembered it.

    Neighbors heard the woman's screams then saw Lewis attack two men outside with a block of wood, then climb onto the roof and fall to his death.

    It turns out, he is the ex-boyfriend of pop superstar Katy Perry.

    Katy and Johnny were an item from 2005 to 2006 before she shot to fame.

    Katy was dating Johnny while he starred in the hit TV series The O.C playing alongside Mischa Barton as Dennis "Chili" Childress.

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  • YES! There WILL Be A Sequel!!

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    Directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly tweeted more details about the sequel to their hit comedy "Dumb and Dumber".

    They're almost finished with the script.

    And the movie's title.. is... "Dumb and Dumber To".

    Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will be returning for the sequel.

    In August, Bobby Farrelly revealed the new film's basic plot: "The story revolves around the fact that one of them may have sired a child. They want to go and find the child because he's having a kidney problem and he wants to ask him for one of his kidneys."

    I wonder what will happen on the toilet THIS time?

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    A man was arrested in Hudson, Florida, after he washed his girlfriend's mouth out with soap because she was swearing. 

    The woman was sitting on the couch when the 26-year-old man came up behind her and squirted dish soap into her mouth.  She suffered a small cut on her lip during the incident. 

    She called police and he was arrested. 

    He told cops he did it because she would not stop yelling and cursing and didn't want her to wake their two sleeping children.

    It was what his parents used to do to him when he swore.


    How many times a day do you think YOU swear?  Hmmmm... I don't ****@# know.

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  • VIDEO: Does Your Dog Do This?

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    This is our Pug Sadie.  She likes to sleep on top of me, eat underwear, bark at cars and boats, attack fluffy dogs...and "play" with vacuum cleaners.  Is this normal?


  • LOOK! Simon Cowell's New Celebrity Girlfriend!

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    Sources say Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra are dating.

    The 'X Factor' creator and actress/model/whatever were snapped hugging after leaving at Cecconi's restaurant on Saturday!

    The two went on another date Sunday, this time at at Ago in West Hollywood, and a source for In Touch Weekly says, "They were really into each other. At one point, they were talking real close, and he leaned in and kissed her. They started making out!"

    Carmen appeared as a guest judge with Simon on "Britain's Got Talent" and dumped fiance Rob Patterson a few months later.

    When asked at the time why he chose the former Playmate, Simon joked, "She has the best set of … teeth I have ever seen."



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  • (VIDEO) Worst Ending to An NFL Game Ever!

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    The Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers 14-12 on Monday night on a controversial call.

    Russell Wilson threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate on the final play of the game. Tate shoved Green Bay's Sam Shields out of the way, then wrestled with M.D. Jennings for possession. It was ruled on the field as a touchdown and after a lengthy review, replacement referee Wayne Elliott came out from under the hood and announced "the ruling on the field stands".

    It was nearly 10 minutes before the teams were brought back for the extra point.

    Seattle (2-1) won its second straight, while Green Bay fell to (1-2).

    WOW.  Sign me up to be an NFL ref.  Seems easy.

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  • America's Favorite Snack Is...

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    For the second year in a row, the Ritz cracker remains the top snack for Americans.

    Lay's potato chips and Doritos topped the list as well.

    In the top ten list of salty snacks, men and women were in agreement on the top two preferences, Ritz and Lay's but they were split on their choices further down the list.

    Men ranked Doritos and Fritos as their third and fourth choices, while women put Orville Redenbacher popcorn higher on their list.


    1. Ritz
    2. Lay's
    3. Doritos
    4. Fritos
    5. Orville Redenbacher
    6. Wheat Thins
    7. Tostitos
    8. Cheetos
    9. Pringles
    10. Triscuit


    Seriously?  Where's the brownies?

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  • The Secret to a Happy Marriage Revealed!

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    Couples who share a bottle of wine at least once a week are happier than those don't drink alcohol.

    Researchers questioned more than 1,500 couples about their relationships and drinking habits.

    They found women were four times more likely to be happy if they drank at least once a week with their partner than if they never do while men were more than three times happier.

    Bottoms up!!

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  • 7 Tips From A Cop To Get Out of A Speeding Ticket

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    A 20-year police veteran has seven pieces of advice that can help.

    Even though you're not a demented sociopath, the cop doesn't know that. Pull off into a well-lit and open area, turn off the car, turn on the interior lights if it's nighttime. Also keep your hands on the wheel until they say otherwise.

    #2. DON'T BE A JERK
    Give them the documents they ask for, then politely explain your side of the situation.  Asking, "'Why did you stop me?" is like calling the officer a liar.

    Basically, if you get a cop who has a quota, she's going to issue you a ticket. If she has no quota, she's going to be pissed you're accusing her of having one and issue you a ticket. See where this is going?

    #4. DON'T FLIRT
    No matter how smokin' hot you think you are, using it to influence the person pulling you over is probably a terrible idea.

    Using words or phrases you picked up watching courtroom dramas on TV, or attempting to turn the tables on the cops, won't work in your favor. Ever.

    Trying to bribe an officer can lead to your arrest — but not all cops are quite that harsh.  If a cop is caught taking bribes, he could face jail time, be fired, and lose his pension. Whatever you're offering isn't going to cover that.

    #7. COME CLEAN
    Cops are people, and they have the same problems you have. If you were speeding, just admit it and explain why. Saying that you were working late and wanted to get home quickly will go a lot further than lying about having to use the bathroom or heading to the hospital.


    BONUS #8 - Simply Cry!


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  • Man Serves His Testicles For Dinner

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    A Japanese man is taking heat for serving his own genitals to paying guests for diner.

    He identifies himself as an "asexual illustrator" and he had his penis and testicles removed back in March.

    After being certified free of sexually transmitted diseases they were frozen before being served to paying guests.

    About 70 people paid about $250 each to feast on the meal.

    He and three friends who helped run the event were all charged with indecent exposure. They could get 2-years in jail and fines up around $32,000 each.

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    THAT take a lot of....

    You have to do that!

    Sooooooo...what exactly is the charge?  Ummmm...