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  • Why Do I LOVE Flava Flav's Mug Shot?

    Posted by Average Joe

    (Insert your caption here)

    Flavor Flav was arrested after a domestic argument with his fiance.

    Cops say the rapper/reality star also threatened to attack her teenage son with a knife. Nobody was injured.

    No word on what caused the argument.

    53-year-old Flav was in court yesterday.

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  • The Highest Paid Dude On T.V. Is...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Charlie Sheen topped the list of Highest-Paid TV Actors last year with $40 million. This year he's nowhere to be seen.

    But… the guy who took over his lead role on "Two and a Half Men" also took over the No. 1 spot. Ashton Kutcher made about $24 million over the past year. His show is the most-watched sitcom on TV.

    Ranking second on the list behind Kutcher is Hugh Laurie with $18 million. Tying for second place with $18 million is Ray Romano.

    Alec Baldwin and Mark Harmon tie for fourth place with $15 million each.

    So apparently, if you're on a "fart joke" show, you can make a TON of ca$h.  How hard can THAT be?


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  • 25-Year Old Woman Has a Faer of WHAT?

    Posted by Average Joe

    A 25-year-old woman has an extreme fear of mayonnaise.

    She was featured on the reality show, "My Food Obsession". She developed a fear of mayo as a young child, after her mother chased her around with mayo packets as a joke.

    Today she cannot eat, touch or go near the condiment.

    To tackle her fear, a therapist had her to spread mayo on a piece of bread, then plunge her hands into a large bowl of it.

    She started to cry, but she now feels more confident that she can overcome her irrational fear.

    What is YOUR biggest fear?  I can't stand mice.  AHHHH!

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  • Thanks To The Election, THIS Is Now The Most Sought After Costume

    Posted by Average Joe

    Sexy Big Bird costumes for women are the new must-have this Halloween thanks to the presidential debate. 

    Sales of the Big Bird costumes have increased after the debate and said it saw 500% jump in sales of the sassy Big Bird adult costume alone.

    During the debate Mitt Romney said he loved Big Bird but would still cut funding to PBS which airs "Sesame Street."

    I'm down for THIS!  Just not the SEXY part...really?

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  • The Best Way For Women to Get What They Want Is...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Flirting can help women close a deal at work.

    Researchers ran two experiments involving men and women.  In one men and women were asked to rate each other's negotiating skills.

    Men viewed women who were friendly and flirty as better negotiators but women didn't say the same thing about men. 

    In the second experiment, men knocked off money for women who flirted while buying a car but didn't do the same for women who didn't flirt.

    DUH!  Use the power ladies!

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  • More New (and Unnecessary) Halloween Food. WOULD YOU EAT THIS??

    Posted by Average Joe

    Pringles is planning on debuting a line of holiday flavors: Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon & Sugar... set to debut in November at a suggested retail price of $1.79.

    Candy Corn Oreos or Chocolate Skittle to go with that anyone?  BLAH!

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  • Band Fight On Stage Caught On Video

    Posted by Average Joe

    There was a crazy moment at The Ataris concert last weekend when the lead singer went nuts and attacked his drummer. He threw his guitar at the guy, then threw the drum kit off the stage.

    The band were in the middle of a song when singer Kris Roe decided he didn't like the way the drummer was playing. He unstrapped his guitar and launched it at the drummer.

    When the drummer continued to play, Roe grabbed pieces of the drum set, lifted them over his head and threw them off the stage.

    Roe then went to the mic and tried to explain himself.

    He said: "Our drummer is f**king failing it tonight. I don't know what his f**king problem is but I'm gonna finish the set by myself. It's f**king embarrassing ... I can't handle it. I apologize ... but there's a certain amount of f**king sh*t I can take ... hopefully you guys understand ... sh*t happens."

    Later on, Kris and the rest of the band, without the drummer, released a video explaining why he flipped out on stage. He explained that the drummer had been drinking heavily before the show and was a mess, missing beats and playing like crap.


    Check out the singer goin' LOCO here: (LANGUAGE WARNING! NSFW!)

    Here's his "explanation" for trashing the drummer's set here:


  • (SAD!) Women Prefer This On Men...

    Posted by Average Joe

    According to a new study… most women prefer a man with a shaved chest but they don't know why.

    Researchers compared the attractiveness of men before and after shaving their chest and found only 20% of women preferred the hairy version. 

    But the researchers say they can't explain why women prefer hairless men.

    Sad, at least for me!  Come on...just a little hair on the chest? 

    You thought shaving your legs and pits were bad, try a whole chest...T.M.I.?

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  • The Most Annoying Sounds Are...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Out of 74 sounds, volunteers rated the five most unpleasant as:

    1. Knife on a bottle

    2. Fork on a glass

    3. Chalk on a blackboard

    4. Ruler on a bottle

    5. Nails on a blackboard

    Where's the fork on the plate??  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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  • Will You "Like" THIS About Facebook?

    Posted by Average Joe

    Facebook is now testing a "want" button that will let people tell their friends and retailers what they want. 

    The social networking site is testing a feature that lets people create wishlists of home furnishings, clothing and other items.

    It is currently working with seven retailers, including Pottery Barn and Victoria's Secret, and will encourage users to buy products through the site or send them directly to the online stores.

    The wishlists will also be available to users' friends just in case they want to buy their friend something.

    Need it, or no?

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