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  • Worst Tattoo Ever? What's Up Indiana?!

    Posted by Average Joe

    An Indiana man has auctioned off space on the side of his head… and it went for $15,000.

    A Republican eBay user paid him the cash to tattoo Mitt Romney's presidential campaign "R" logo in the 5-by-2-inch spot on his face.

    The guy said he agreed to the deal because the tattoo was something that he could live with. He is a registered Republican and a Romney supporter.

    The 30-year-old professional wrestler says: "A lot of people look at me and think I am the boogey man. I've gotten a few F- you's from people."

    He is now auctioning off his forehead space as well. The minimum bid for this prime real estate is $5, 000, but don't ask him to get an Obama tat. It's not going to happen.

    How much would it take for you to do it??

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  • WARNING! Buy These Now!

    Posted by Average Joe

    These Hot Christmas Toys for kids are already flying off the shelves!

    Thomas & Friends Steam 'n Speed - $45
    Our old friend
    Thomas the Train gets a high-tech update this year. Fill Thomas up with
    distilled water, then watch cool-to-the-touch steam rise from his smokestack as
    he chugs along with real train whistle sounds. He comes with a kid-friendly
    remote control to drive him forward, backward or activate his special spin

    Furby $60
    This alien-like toy swept the nation in 1998
    and now it's back -- and even better! Furby learns through interactions. When
    you first start playing with him, he only speaks the Furbish language. But as
    you play more and more, he learns English (you can even teach Furby to say
    "OMG!"). If two Furbies hang out together, they have their own conversations and
    teach each other things as well. Furby also loves to bust a move to well-known
    songs and coos when you feed him with a finger.

    My Little Pony Princess Wedding Castle - $35
    My Little
    Pony has been a popular cartoon and line of toys since the 1980s. And at the
    Pony Princess Wedding Castle, ponies Shining Armor and Princess Cadance can
    finally be united in holy matrimony. The pink and purple castle with three
    spires comes with wedding accoutrements like a cake, piano, and wedding rings
    that fit right around the ponies' little hooves. Kids can make up their own
    stories to help the pony couple live happily ever after.

    Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster - $40
    The Hail-Fire
    blasts out up to 8 clips of Nerf darts that can travel 75 feet through the air.
    The gun system is battery-powered, meaning semi-automatic shooting power. It
    comes with six clips and 24 darts, but if you want to have extreme long-lasting
    shooting capabilities, buy the extra-long clip that holds a whopping 18

    Winx Club Believix and Everyday Dolls - $14
    popular show, "The Winx Club," follows six hip students at Alfea College, a
    school for teen fairies. The Believix doll collection, shown at right, is flashy
    fairy fun, with each doll decked out in sparkly costumes and flappable wings.
    The dolls in the Everyday Collection keep it cool and casual and come with
    trendy accessories. You can also purchase separate wing packs to turn the girls
    into fairies.

    Doc McStuffins Time for Your Checkup Doll - $40
    Disney's hit show "Doc McStuffins," Doc is a little girl who heals toys in her
    backyard. With the toy version of the character, you can press on her belly and
    hear her theme song and other sound bites. Kids can use Doc's pink stethoscope
    to push on the chest of her faithful plush sidekick, Lambie, and hear her
    heartbeat, or put the thermometer on her mouth to hear her talk.

    LeapPad2 Explorer - $100
    For the parents and kids who
    loved the first LeapPad Explorer, get ready for a big upgrade. This tablet for
    kids has more than 325 learning adventures, creative apps, and music selections
    and comes in green or pink for the young technophile. The new prototype works
    with all the original LeapFrog cartridges and apps, has double the memory space
    (4 gigs), and a longer battery life. It's a powerful tool for fun, learning, and
    even some amateur photography, with front and back built-in cameras.

    Leapster GS Explorer - $70
    This new and improved handheld
    gaming system can be thought of as an educational Game Boy -- so fun that kids
    don't even know they're learning. More than 300 games will be available by the
    end of the year, LeapFrog says, keeping kids bouncing from one visually-stunning
    game to the next. It's easy for kids to handle and game-levels are selected
    automatically by tracking the child's learning progress. An added bonus: the
    device runs all previous Leapster Explorer games and apps.

    LEGO Friends - $50
    Launched last year, the LEGO Friends
    line is geared toward little girls. The Park City Café, pictured at right, is
    part of the line that includes a beauty parlor, camper and horse stable that
    kids can build and let their imaginations run wild.

    Barbie Photo Fashion Doll - $50
    Barbie is going
    high-tech. She's stylish as usual, butshe also comes with a digital camera.
    Actually, she is the camera. The lens is located on Barbie's back. To take a
    picture you hit her belt buckle. Pictures are displayed on her chest, and she
    stores up to 200 photos at a time. Add cool effects, like hearts or party
    confetti, to the photo and Barbie suddenly has a personalized graphic tee. Then
    hook her up to your computer through the USB cable connector on her belt, and
    upload the photos.

    WWE Brawlin' Buddies - $30
    For the young WWE fan who
    enjoys a little roughhousing, Brawlin' Buddies are soft action figures you can
    wrestle with anywhere. The 16-inch stuffed figures are modeled after four
    different WWE stars, like Ray Mysterio, pictured above. Every punch, headlock,
    or chair throw brings another fighting sound effect or signature phrase from the

    Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls and High School - $30
    Ghouls Rule line from Monster High features characters from the new "Ghouls
    Rule" DVD. The girls raided their parents' wardrobes for vintage monster
    fashions and look dark and fabulous. The accompanying high school (sold
    separately) has a "creepeteria" and "casket-ball court" for a devilishly good
    time. If you want these toys, you'd better scoop them up fast. "I am willing to
    wager anything that come December 1st, you won't be able to get [them]," says
    Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of "Time to Play Magazine."


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  • (PIC) Angelina Jolie and Family - Not A Happy Halloween

    Posted by Average Joe

    1028_jolie_and_kids_x17With  two members of her brood looking completely miserable, Angelina  Jolie did a little shopping today at a Halloween store in Sherman Oaks.

    Better step up your candy game if the Jolie-Pitt clan comes knockin'.


    WAHHHHHH!  I didn't get what I wanted.  WAAAAAAAAAH!


  • (T.M.I.) Look What Celebs Are Having "Loud Sex"...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Katy Perry‘s having 'loud' sex with John Mayer, and her West Hollywood neighbors are annoyed.

    If you believe Star magazine, the couple like to "have very loud sex, keep very late hours and like to turn up the tunes."

    Actually, it's kind of interesting to know that.  Come on!!  You clicked on the story and you are ready this right now. :)

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  • Wanna' Never Use Your Cell Phone Again? Read This!

    Posted by Average Joe

    Bad news for germaphobes: Your smart phone is loaded with bacteria that can make you sick.

    Problem is, we take them with us everywhere, and most phone cleaners are bad for the phone.

    A professor of microbiology and immunology said, "We've all seen that greasy smear. Where there is grease, there are bugs."

    The Wall Street Journal had eight phones tested in a lab, and found they contained high numbers of coliforms (aka fecal matter).

    Good news: a new device coming in January uses UV light rays to kill germs without touching the phone, and other developers are making microscopic patterns similar to shark skin, which is known to be resistant to bacteria.


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  • Wanna' Improve Your Sex Life? Here's What NOT To Eat...

    Posted by Average Joe

    You might think a juicy steak, a good bottle of wine and some chocolate will set the stage for a romantic evening… but you'd be wrong.

    The saturated fats from meats, alcohol and chocolate are the exact things you'll want to avoid if you're hoping for good sex. They are filled with chemicals that have the opposite effect on your performance.

    A doc said, "If the body is spending its time and energy cleaning itself constantly from these chemicals we put in it, it cannot begin to perform at its peak sexually."

    So, here's what you should skip:

    Bacon, sausage and other fatty meats. They contain high levels of saturated fats and cholesterol, which clog the penal and vaginal arteries.
    Dairy. Saturated fats in most cheeses are comparable to those found in fatty meats. Your worst lunch option? A bacon cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake!
    Processed baked goods. Even when the products say "No Trans Fats," chances are they're present. Ingredients may exclude trans fats, but because of the way baked goods are processed, trans fats are often created during baking.
    Soy-based products are high in estrogen, which can lower male sex drive and increase the risk of disease and testosterone in women.

    What you should reach for:

    Carrots, a well-known libido enhancer, loaded with vitamin E
    Green leafy veggies, which clean blood and open capillaries effectively
    Avocados are fuel for cells with their essential fatty acids
    Watermelon contains phytochemicals to open blood cells

    Bottom-line: Foods that are good for your heart are also good for your sex organs.

    What about pizza?   Pretty sure I'd have a hard time giving that up!

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  • Common Tipping Mistakes

    Posted by Average Joe

    Tip Jar Etiquette
    Tip jars are everywhere these days, but that doesn't mean you're obligated to give up your change. Save gratuities for people who go above and beyond-- if and when you received extra service. If you get a free refill, for example, definitely tip but not for the standard service of someone just doing their job.

    Don't Discount Tip
    When dining out we know that the standard tip is about 15% to 20% but if you use a gift card or a daily deal voucher, remember not to discount tip. Leave gratuity on the full amount that you ordered, not the reduced bill. And if you want your server to get the entire gratuity, it's best to leave it in cash. Waiters typically take home cash tips at the end of their shift. Credit card tips, however, are paid at a later time and can end up inaccurate due to bookkeeping errors. Some establishments even reportedly deduct the credit card swipe fees from servers' tips.

    Okay to Forego a Tip?
    What if your service was less than acceptable? Your impulse may be just to forego a tip, altogether, but remember that wait staff typically give a fraction of their tips to bus boys and bartenders. Your actions won't just impact your server. "If you've experienced bad service, it's not the time to just not tip. You can still tip about 10% to 12%, then talk to a manager about the service."

    Bar Tips
    Remember to tip bartenders about 10% to 15% of the bill when paying by credit card and at least one to two dollars per drink when leaving cash. It's also kind to tip a couple bucks if you're just ordering free water, especially if you're taking a seat at the bar.

    Delivery Do's and Dont's
    As for takeout, when picking up your food, there's no need to leave a tip unless they throw in some extra sides. But if food gets delivered to your door, tip about 10% of the bill or at least a few bucks even if there's already a delivery fee. Your tip will go straight into the deliveryman's pocket, while delivery charges usually go to the restaurant. Also, consider the weather, speed and how often you order food from that restaurant when tipping.

    Hotel Tipping Etiquette
    No need to tip for room service unless they went out of their way, as gratuity is almost always included - usually as much as 18% or 20%. As for housekeeping, you should tip between two to five dollars per day depending on the size and mess of your room. Leave this tip daily since it's often a different person cleaning your room each time.

    Gas Station Service
    You don't need to tip the attendants when filling up your car at a full-service gas station. Unlike servers, they receive at least minimum wage. Still, if the weather is extreme, they'll appreciate a few dollars for their efforts.

    Furniture Delivery
    Another service that requires no tip is furniture delivery, unless the store offered the service free with your purchase or the delivery team made an extra effort. For instance, if the elevator is out and they have to take the stairs, a tip of $10 to $20 per person is a nice gesture.

    Beauty Tips
    Thank those that keep your beautiful by tipping your hairstylist, aesthetician or manicurist 15% to %20 of the service charge but there is no need to tip the owner of the salon or the proprietor of any business because owners typically don't work for tips. Instead they receive the overall profit of the business. If you're ever unsure of how much to tip or who to give it to, just ask the receptionist.

    Finally, no need to tip people throughout the year who you reward generously during the holiday season. This includes babysitters, dog walkers and paperboys.

    Tipping is always so awkward!  That's why I always do the "tip and run".  It's weird if you see them looking at how much you're tipping them!

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  • A NORMAL Celeb Baby Name...Way to Go Adele!

    Posted by Average Joe

    Adele is a mom!

    She gave birth to a baby boy on Friday.  (We HOPE it's a normal baby name!)

    A source said: "Adele and Simon Konecki are ecstatic at their new arrival."

    Adele's rep declined to comment on the birth and said: "We are not releasing a statement at this time. No comment."

    Adele announced her pregnancy on her website in June.

    She met boyfriend Simon Konecki in 2011. The 38-year-old businessman co-founded UK bottled water charity Life Water.

    She says her next album will be about becoming a mom.  Will it be a kid's album?


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  • LADIES! Is This Accurate??

    Posted by Average Joe

    The top priority in a woman's ideal routine?....

    A day full of romance, computer time, and hanging out with friends.

    Researchers asked 900 women with the average age of 38 years old, what they do each day and how they feel about it.

    After eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, the women preferred 106 minutes of romance with her partner, 92 minutes on a computer, and 82 minutes of time with friends.

    The day was further broken down into 78 minutes relaxing, 56 minutes of shopping and only 36 minutes of working.

    Does it change after 5,10,15,20 years together? (Yes)


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  • (Sweet Dreams) What Your Sleeping Position Says About You...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Our sleep position says a lot about our personalities.

    Researchers found that people stretched out like logs are more likely to be stubborn and inflexible.... while people who sleep curled up are more likely to be worriers.

    Those who sleep with their arms outstretched are said to be longing to chase their dreams ... and people who sleep in the "freefall" position feel a lack of control over their lives.

    Sooooooo since I sleep on my stomach a lot, well...


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